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Red Velvet's Joy uses this cushion foundation for flawless skin

Red Velvet's Joy uses this cushion foundation for flawless skin
PHOTO: Instagram/@_imyour_joy

Park Soo-young, or better known by the stage name Joy, is one-fifth of the popular Korean girl group Red Velvet. Since their debut in 2014, the group has steadily grown to international fame with Joy being known for her stunning fashion and beauty looks.

2021 has been a busy year for Joy. She debuted her solo extended play Hello at the end of May 2021 while Red Velvet just dropped a new EP with the namesake title track Queendom.

Joy also made headlines recently when it was revealed that she is dating fellow musician and dog lover Crush, whom she had collaborated with earlier for his song Mayday.

And because we're in awe of her radiant looks, we've uncovered 10 great beauty tips to look fresh, flawless and youthful like Red Velvet's Joy, including her favourite cushion foundation.

Joy uses Espoir Taping Cover Moist Cushion SPF42 PA++, $26.17


The secret to Joy's radiant, flawless base makeup is the Espoir Taping Cover Moist Cushion.

Espoir is a South Korean beauty brand under the Amorepacific company, which owns other labels including Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Innisfree.

This cushion that Joy is using touts a radiant, full coverage finish and contains hyaluronic acid for hydration.

It also uses the Taping Technique Formula technology that helps the foundation adhere better and last longer with minimal product use.

Buy it here.

Best beauty tips to look fresh and youthful like Red Velvet's Joy

Fake voluminous hair with root powder or dry shampoo


Anyone with straight hair like Joy will understand the struggle of getting your hair to look voluminous instead of flat and limp, especially with our sweat-inducing humidity.

The solution is to use a root powder or dry shampoo at the roots to absorb excess sebum and give your roots a boost.

People with dark hair can consider tinted versions. There are also purse-friendly minis that you can pop into your handbag to touch up whenever.

Use nourishing hair masks regularly


While Joy doesn't undergo drastic hair colour transformations like her bandmates (see: Seulgi), being a celeb means having her hair heat-styled often.

If you're in a similar predicament, treat your hair to some TLC with nourishing hair masks every week or so. Else, you can do this as part of a weekly self-care at-home spa routine.

Be sure not to get the mask on your roots or crown of the head to prevent your tresses from looking limp and flat.

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Introduce an AHA toner or serum into your body care routine


Singapore's tropical heat means that sleeveless tops and shorts are our favourite fashion staples to keep cool in.

But if you're conscious of your bumpy, dry skin, or keratosis pilaris (also known as "chicken skin"), introduce an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) toner or serum into your body care routine.

These acids, such as lactic or glycolic acid, can help gently exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of these dry bumps.

Finish with a body moisturiser and sunscreen in the day.

Use oil-free hydrating primers for dewy skin


A glowing mien is a sign of health and youthfulness that we can easily achieve with foundation.

However, our heat and humidity can easily transform it into an oily-looking mess.

To combat this while achieving a dewy complexion, try using oil-free hydrating primers. These can help add extra hydration to the skin without imparting the shine of oil.

Use brow powder for soft, defined brows


Straight brows seen here on Joy are a hallmark of Korean beauty as they impart a youthful quality.

To create the soft, gradient brows she has, we recommend using brow powder. Brow powders tend to come in two shades, a lighter powder for the front and a darker version for the tail.

Use it with a light hand and an angled eyeliner or eyebrow brush, and finish with a clear brow gel to hold the hairs in place.

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Go for a monochromatic look


If you're pressed for time and still want to create a cohesive look, double up your blush as an eyeshadow to create a monochromatic look.

This is as simple as it sounds: using your usual eyeshadow brush, dip into the blush you've used and sweep it across your eyelids before finishing with mascara and eyeliner.

Speaking of which, check out our favourite long-lasting blushers that can withstand mask-wearing.

Master the blush technique for "windburn" cheeks


"Windburn" cheeks are a signature look of Joy.

To recreate, go with a sheer blush and focus your application on the centre of your cheeks, sweeping across the entire apple of the cheek.

This technique also helps make the cheeks look fuller, and thereby more youthful.

Go for youthful blotted lips


Blotted lips are another signature K-beauty look as they have a casual yet innocent ease to it.

To create the look, dab the lipstick of your choice on the centre of your lips and use your finger or a lip brush to diffuse the colour outwards across the lips.

Repeat as many times to get the saturation you want.

Choose warm-toned lip colours


Scroll through Joy's Instagram and you'll realise that she has a bias towards warm-toned lip colours.

This isn't surprising as the warmth adds life and vibrancy to her complexion.

So the next time you're deciding on your lip colour, pick something warm-toned that leans towards yellow, orange or red.

Play with bright nail colours


Bright, saturated colours, also known as vitamin colours, are in trend now.

Besides emulating the trend with clothing and accessories, which can be costly in the long run, try colourful, striking nail polish instead, such as the lime green that Joy sports here.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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