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Sheila Sim shares simple and healthy recipes she cooks for baby Layla

Sheila Sim shares simple and healthy recipes she cooks for baby Layla
Celebrity mum Sheila Sim shares creative baby food recipes she's been making for her baby girl.
PHOTO: Instagram/sheila_sim

Turns out Sheila Sim isn't only an actress and a model, she's also a bit of a baby food expert. The celebrity mum has been actively posting healthy baby food recipes that she prepares for her baby Layla who is almost one year old. 

On her Instagram account, you will find story highlights with all of the meals she rustles up for her daughter.

But that didn't stop her followers from wanting more and in true Sheila Sim style, the celeb mum obliged with recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   

Healthy baby food recipes for a one-year-old, courtesy of Sheila Sim

Seeing as how happily baby Layla finishes off the meals, its safe to say that Sheila's healthy baby food recipes are a hit. Try them out for if you have a one-year-old at home too. 


1. Avocado and sardines combo

Did you know that avocado is actually a really great first food for babies? Paired up with sardines, you have yourself a highly nutritious meal for your baby!

As Sheila mentioned in her story, baby Layla managed to finish 90 per cent of her own plate of avocado slices and sardines. Definitely worth a try for your little one's first meal of the day.

2. Japanese rice balls

Start your baby's day right by preparing Japanese rice balls for them first thing in the morning. According to mummy Sheila, all you need are Japanese rice, threadfin, broccoli, carrot, nori (seaweed), ikan bilis powder and black sesame seed.

3. Millet and quinoa cereal

Another simple meal you can make for your one-year-old is Gerber's millet and quinoa cereal mixed with breastmilk. For a bit of a twist, Sim tops it with flaxseed and chia seeds. To complete her daughter's breakfast, she adds half a banana to the meal.

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1. Barley, carrots, beans and sardines 

For baby lunch food recipes for your one-year-old, Sheila suggests a combination of organic hulled barley, chopped organic baby carrots, chopped French beans, sardines and a sprinkle of seaweed. 

2. Lentil, Amaranth seed, pork broth, beef and spinach

Next on 'Layla's Menu', the actress prepared a bowl of lentil, amaranth seed, pork broth, beef and spinach. She noted that the pork broth she used was slowly cooked with lean pork, corn, carrots, ginger and garlic.

3. Frittata fingers

Sheila's Instagram followers seemed to have been extra keen on the frittata fingers she made for her daughter Layla. So the celeb mum shared a more detailed recipe and added that she made it with chopped spinach, grated zucchini, mashed salmon, mascarpone cheese and eggs. 

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This is how she made it (according to her Instagram story):

  • Sautee zucchini and spinach in organic unsalted butter then add into mashed salmon
  • Add in one egg then beat everything up
  • Add in 1.5 spoons of mascarpone cheese
  • Pan fry with butter like an omelette
  • Cut into two fingers

4. Paella

This is one of the best healthy baby food recipes for your one-year-old. It'll surely make them feel happy and full after lunch. Sheila made her own version with butter, garlic, onion, minced squid, minced prawn, diced tomato, millet and spinach.

5. Carrots, asparagus, mashed potato and pumpkin

For more simple yet healthy baby food recipes for your one-year-old, you can try Sim's plate of steamed carrots, asparagus, mashed potato and pumpkin with butter. Finish it off with yummy sauce made from garlic, lamb, tomato, carrot, thyme and black sesame seed.

6. Sauteed onions with organic lamb and rosemary on organic beetroot pasta

For another healthy and nutritious lunch for your little one, Sheila suggests mixing together sauteed onions with organic lamb and rosemary, grated organic carrot, chopped organic cauliflower, organic beetroot paste, then finally topping it with Greek yogurt. 

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Dinner menu

1. Spinach noodles

For baby Layla's dinner, Sheila cooked up some spinach noodles with goji berries, chicken liver, amaranth, seaweed and some chicken stock. 

2. Pumpkin, potato and salmon

This is an easy enough healthy baby food recipe you can try for your one-year-old. Sheila shared how she made her daughter's dinner with some pumpkin, potato, apple puree, salmon, oregano and black sesame seed.

Looks yummy!

Are you ready to try out some of Sheila's healthy baby food recipes for your one-year-old? 

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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