Sugar or fish curry? Singapore TikToker 'judges' both you and your favourite prata accompaniment

PHOTO: TikTok/zakiv4

Roti prata is a local favourite that can be eaten in a variety of ways. The common debate tends to be on the topic of prata's best accompaniment.

Would it be sugar or spice? More importantly, is everything nice?

On Saturday (Sept 11), a local TikToker Zakiv4 decided to get to the bottom of it by posting a video on the ideal prata partner, concurrently 'judging' individuals based on their preferences. 

The video has garnered over 61,000 views.


Late to the conversation but I promise you that my opinion is the only one that should matter. #tiktoksg #fyp

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The TikToker, who goes by Zaki Hussain, began with a rather all-inclusive statement: "I get it, prata with sugar is the gateway prata for all the newcomers."

However, according to Zaki, there comes a point in life where everyone has to say goodbye to sugar and make the transition to curry.

If sugar is an important factor to your prata experience, Zaki recommends you order a tissue prata so that "you don't embarrass yourself and order prata with sugar".

For cultural context, prata with sugar is often seen as a dish eaten by young children as they are likely to have difficulty handling the spice of curry. 

Tissue prata refers to a thinner, cone-shaped prata that is traditionally paired with sugar.

Moving on from sugar, Zaki suggested those who have their prata with curry are reasonable – especially if it's fish curry.

He then offered a pairing out of left field. 

"I'm very, very concerned why prata with sambal (chilli) is not part of the conversation," Zaki said.

The passion he showed on the subject matter was clear to see and the manner by which he delivered his lines probably had many giggling. 


In the comments section, some TikTok users decided to pitch their ideal (and quite frankly, odd) prata pairings. 

Zaki entertained them by providing responses to the more 'interesting' combinations.


On his TikTok page, Zaki has a mini-series of sorts where he 'judges' people based on other food preferences, such as kueh and nasi padang.

In the meantime, for our friends who have their prata with sugar, perhaps now is the time to consider that switch to curry?

Give it a try. Chances are you won't regret it. 

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