Titus Low accuses ex-wife Cheryl Chin of restricting his visitation rights with daughter

Titus Low accuses ex-wife Cheryl Chin of restricting his visitation rights with daughter
PHOTO: Instagram/Titusslow

When influencer couple Titus Low and Cheryl Chin announced their split in November last year, it had seemingly been an amicable one. 

They pair had also agreed to co-parent their baby daughter, Elleria. 

However, Titus has recently claimed that this arrangement was not working out and has accused Cheryl of restricting his visitation rights with 11-month-old Elleria. 

On Feb 26, he posted several screengrabs of messages on his Instagram Story, showing Cheryl saying that they should "keep [their] lives separate from now on". 

"I don't think co-parenting for us can go anywhere further than this for now. Hope you can understand, thank you," she had told Titus. 

According to another screenshot, Cheryl had also decided not to invite Titus for something that she had planned for Elleria. 

"Don't call yourself a single mother when you deny me from seeing my own child," Titus had commented on one of the screenshots he shared. 

In a separate Instagram story, Cheryl was seen accusing Titus of "not paying for a single thing or doing anything". 

"[Elleria] is in my full care and control, if you refuse to respect my wishes, I can just not allow you to meet her," Cheryl wrote. 

She also told Titus that she hoped that he would respect what was written in her pitch from her lawyer. 

"You can meet her for lunch on both days, but if you refuse to return her home after lunch as she has her nap times and her classes, I will and can refuse you to see her ever again," said Cheryl. 

She also gave instructions to Titus, asking him to return Elleria home at 2pm on two dates as her parents would be in Singapore. 

"I need legal advise on this. Please help," Titus pleaded with his viewers.

On Feb 27, Titus posted another Instagram story to clarify why he had shared the screengrabs. 

"I'm not one to usually share dirty laundry online but things have gotten way out of hand for the past couple of months," he said. 

"I shared those screenshots last night to show what kind of person Cheryl Chin really is. Denying me rights of visiting/taking care of my own child based on her own logic and claiming she is a single mum, how things are so tough for her when it's all a lie." 

Titus alleged that for the past three months, he had only seen Elleria for two meals each month because of Cheryl's alleged restrictions. 

"I think this is too much of her," he said. 

Additionally, he thanked those who had offered him advice and help. 

"I have never met someone this evil who denies me from my basic parental rights," he added. 

Titus also claimed that he is posting all these online because Cheryl had blocked him everywhere else and he had to put in a request with Cheryl's lawyer to arrange visits with his daughter. 

AsiaOne has reached out to both Titus and Cheryl for more details. 

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