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Titus Low confirms engagement to Malaysian influencer 1 month after meeting her, but his parents don't believe him

Titus Low confirms engagement to Malaysian influencer 1 month after meeting her, but his parents don't believe him
PHOTO: Instagram/cherb8ar

When Titus Low hinted that he may be engaged a few days back, some had their hearts shattered, while others thought the whole situation was a little suspicious. 

In fact, it happened so fast that his own parents don't think that it is real. 

"They think it's a PR (public relations) stunt and still don't believe me," he shared with AsiaOne. 

However, he isn't too disheartened by the sceptics and added that "time will tell". 

The 22-year-old former-OnlyFans creator also uploaded a YouTube video onto his channel on Tuesday (June 14) officially confirming the engagement and answering some burning questions from fans. 

So, who is the lucky girl? 

Turns out the bride is Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin, who's signed under Titan Digital Media.

Titus revealed in the video that the pair met a month ago, during a social networking event which was organised by YouTuber and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Titan Digital Media, Tan Jianhao.  

"I just felt a very nice connection with Cheryl," he confessed.

Right off the bat, they started talking, and the day after they met, Titus even brought Cheryl on a date to a dog cafe. He added that she likes dogs, which is a "green flag" for him. 

They continued to meet and chat on Instagram almost every day before Cheryl went back to Kuala Lumpur. 

However, they couldn't bear to be apart for too long and Cheryl eventually came back to Singapore. Titus then asked her to be his girlfriend.

But just six hours after officially becoming a couple, Titus "somehow proposed to her" while they were having supper with some friends. 

"All of them were very supportive of us, so that's probably why we were so YOLO (you only live once) mode, you know."

But how did he know she was the one in such a short span of time?

Titus explained that Cheryl gave him a "different feeling" as compared to his ex-partners.

"I feel that with her, I didn't have to try. I just gradually clicked with her and I felt that there's a genuine connection," he elaborated. 

Apart from sharing an interest in non-fungible tokens, Titus added that Cheryl currently lives in Los Angeles, which is ideal since he also plans on staying in the city for a couple of years. 

The pair are also planning to launch their own couple YouTube channel. 

"She's like the perfect girl for me," he concluded. 

An unplanned engagement party celebrating a whirlwind romance

In a tweet on June 6, Titus revealed photos of the pair's romantic engagement party, and shared that the "unplanned" event had been pulled together in 24 hours. 

Titus revealed more snippets of the "last-minute" preparations in his YouTube video, where he was assisted by several friends, including influencer and wife of Tan Jianhao, Debbie Soon, 25. 

According to Titus, they had gone and picked up the necessities for the party — such as speakers, a fog machine and an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co — the day after they planned the engagement. 

The actual engagement party was slated to be held the next day from 10am till 3pm because it was "the only available timeslot".   

Married or engaged? Stay tuned to find out

In his video, Titus dropped some hints that the marriage might happen sooner rather than later, saying, "I'm getting married tomorrow."

When we attempted to clarify if the pair are already man and wife, though, Titus remained coy and simply told us to "follow our new couple channel to find out more".

As for the actual wedding, Titus did confirm that they'll be planning it after his court case concludes

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