Hawker Chan responds to criticism after losing Michelin star

Hawker Chan responds to criticism after losing Michelin star
PHOTO: AsiaOne

2016 was a momentous year for Hawker Chan as the soya sauce chicken specialist in Chinatown became the world's first and cheapest Michelin-starred street food stall

However, just last Wednesday (Sept 1), it was announced that the legendary establishment has lost its much-coveted title

Unsurprisingly, the news sparked plenty of debate online and many netizens have voiced out their opinions — both positive and negative — on the matter. 

While some have come to the defence of the establishment and offered words of encouragement, others backed the committee's decision, commenting that the brand's current offerings are not worthy of a Michelin star.

But what is Hawker Chan's side of the story? 

With regards to the discouraging comments, a spokesperson for Hawker Chan tells AsiaOne that "everyone has their own opinion when it comes to food choices". 

And despite being questioned about the quality control standards of the eatery, they insist that nothing has changed since the brand's debut in 2009.

"We prepare our food fresh daily, with the same secret recipe and cooking method to prepare our signature Soya Sauce Chicken as what we have been doing since the start of Hawker Chan 12 years ago," they said. "We do not believe in using a central kitchen to prepare the food." 

Though "disappointed" with the results, the team refuses to throw in the towel and let the setback affect their workflow. Instead, moving forward, they plan to stick to their vision and mission, which is to "serve delicious and affordable meals". 

"We hope for the best outcome for the next Michelin guide edition," they added. 


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