Best employees ever? Staff in Malaysian company buy brand new car for boss

Best employees ever? Staff in Malaysian company buy brand new car for boss
A group of employees from a Malaysian company surprised their boss with a brand new car.
PHOTO: Facebook/7272 Ong Fruits

We've heard of bosses rewarding their staff handsomely, but what about the other way around?

A group of employees from a fruit store in Malaysia decided to thank their boss for his care and dedication - by buying him a spanking new ride. 

11 employees from 77272 Ong Fruits teamed up with their boss' wife to surprise him with a black Toyota Harrier SUV, reported China Press. 

They also plan to pay for the car's down payment and future installments. 

A post documenting the surprise was shared on the company's Facebook page on Feb 6, along with a caption thanking their boss, Zhang Wenhan. 

"He is our company's top decision-maker, CEO, advertising staff, customer service and salesman, yet he only draws the salary of one person," the caption read. 

Zhang's employees also described him as a man who treats everyone with kindness. 

Speaking to China Press, Zhang said that he wasn't sure why his employees decided to gift him a car. 

He joked that his employees might have been tired of how "stingy" he was. 

Zhang shared that he's only ever bought one car for himself - a Perodua Kembara - that was purchased over 20 years ago. 

He's been driving company cars ever since, he said. 

"The company has many cars, which were all purchased with company funds. Some of them have issues, but I can't bear to send them for repairs," said the 50-year-old. 

Zhang also said that he was heartened by his employees' kind gesture.

He jokingly added that the lavish gift wouldn't stop him from scolding them if they make mistakes in the future. 

"This car is pretty impressive, even other luxury cars can't compare to this," he remarked.

When it comes to his employees, Zhang said he's never bought them any expensive gifts, but makes it a point to always treat them with respect. 

"Whether it's business partners, customers or employees, I think we should treat them with respect and kindness," he said. 

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