Best boss award? Shop worker shares why he loves his boss

Best boss award? Shop worker shares why he loves his boss
PHOTO: Stomp

Is there an award for best boss?

Stomp contributor Jeremy wants to nominate his boss.

"He is the boss of Toys King at HarbourFront Centre," said the Stomp contributor, who has worked at the toy shop for three months.

The name of the boss is Jonathan Loh.

"He throws the rubbish daily for us and does the cleaning of the store himself. He takes care of us, buys food for us and takes over for us during meal times. He is a very concerned and welfare-oriented boss. He is the best boss."

The Stomp contributor also shared a selfie taken by Loh at the dumpster.

Loh said about the photo: "It was after the end of the work day when I have to take the trash to the big dumpster centre outside of the building. As you can imagine, it was wet and full of rubbish bins.

"This is the reality of what retail workers experience each day. After a long day standing in the shop and serving hundreds of customers, they have to clean the floor, wipe down the equipment, clear the trash and, of course, restock for the following day.

"This job is really a back-breaking job. I know because I do it with them and work longer than them. I do it because I love what I am doing and want to make sure everyone gets the toys they like.

"And it is no wonder that many retail staff leave, resign or move on after a few months. It's just too tough.

"But just imagine if no one does the work. How can I then sell great toys so that collectors can enjoy that nice and hard-to-find item?"

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