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'GrabFloat rider' steals the show during live TV interview on Malaysia floods

'GrabFloat rider' steals the show during live TV interview on Malaysia floods
PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter/NazrudinRahman

Flashing the peace sign and holding a rainbow float tube, one 'GrabFloat rider' turned a sombre TV interview into a light-hearted moment — giving Malaysians some comedic relief during difficult times.

The country's worst floods in years happened on December 17 and 18. The death toll has risen to 46 across six states as of last Saturday (Dec 25).

During a TV3 live interview at Klang Valley, a resident was sharing his post-flood experience and that was when the 'GrabFloat rider' appeared to steal the show.

His antics were shared by Twitter user Nazrudinrahman on December 20. The tweet went viral with over 11,900 retweets and 15,700 likes.


The 'GrabFloat rider' nonchalantly walked onscreen and stared directly into the camera before holding up a peace sign. 

He then waddled away on the waterlogged street. Viewers had a glimpse of how adept he was at adapting to his new working environment. His rainbow float tube came in handy to ensure the food orders still get delivered.

Apart from the 'GrabFloat rider', many Malaysians saw the lighter side of the flood situation — from roadside fishing to riding a 'water taxi'.

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