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Singaporean arrested for drunk driving in Johor Bahru

Singaporean arrested for drunk driving in Johor Bahru
Malaysian police arrested two men, one a Singaporean, for drink driving on April 21.
PHOTO: Facebook/Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Utara

A Singaporean man was arrested for drink driving in Johor Bahru yesterday (April 21).

The North Johor Bahru District Police posted on Facebook today (April 22) that they arrested two men, one a Singaporean, in a police operation yesterday.

According to their post, the operation called 'Operasi Mabuk' (Operation Drunk) took place at Taman Tun Aminah Hall in Jalan Sutera Danga. 

Five individuals aged between 30 and 40 were pulled over by the police. Three passed the breathlyser tests while two, including the Singaporean, failed the tests.

The two were subsequently arrested for drink driving.

"Terrific," one user said on Facebook. "Make sure they [don't return] to Singapore before [they] settle [the arrest]."

Others congratulated the Malaysian police on their successful operation.

"We are also awaiting for prosecution and punishment for the drunk driver," one comment added. 

Ever since the borders between Singapore and Malaysia reopened, there have been incidents of Singaporeans behaving badly there.

However, this may be a misrepresentation of Singaporeans there as Malaysians in Johor Bahru believe such behaviour is few and far between. And that "most interactions" were "pleasant", reported Today online earlier this month.  

Instead, the primary instigator, according to Singaporean celebrity chef Shahrizal Salleh, is social media.

"Social media users tend to be selective of what they post because they want [their posts] to go viral," Shahrizal said in the report. 

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