$100k in alleged losses: Minimart boss checks CCTV footage, catches 2 staff stealing from cash register

$100k in alleged losses: Minimart boss checks CCTV footage, catches 2 staff stealing from cash register
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Angel Supermart, Shin Min Daily News

While conducting a routine check of CCTV footage, the owner of an Ang Mo Kio minimart unwittingly caught a part-time staff member in the act, stealing from the cash register.

He was further taken aback to discover another long-time employee doing the same on multiple occasions, to the tune of an estimated $100,000 in losses.

Two separate posts on Angel Supermart's Facebook page on May 28 had stated that the two female employees were arrested for allegedly taking money from the cash register. 

The branch of the minimart chain is located at Block 631, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Tan shared that the first person arrested, a 53-year-old part-time cashier, had collected about $80 from the customer without scanning the items purchased.

Tan soon discovered that another cashier, a 46-year-old senior employee, was "guilty of the same offence".

In the Facebook posts believed to be written by Tan, he shared that he'd noticed the latter's suspicious behaviour while checking through the CCTV footage and proceeded to do an audit of her transactions on May 27.

A total of 21 transactions were found to have been falsely deleted by the woman, losses of which Tan estimated to be from $100 to $150 in that one day alone.

When confronted with the footage, she'd admitted to stealing from the register every day for the past month, Tan told Shin Min.

He added that the woman was a long-serving staff member employed since 2017 and worked six days a week.

"I don't know when she started stealing, but in the worst-case scenario, maybe $100,000 to $150,000 was stolen," Tan told Shin Min.

In the company's Facebook post, Tan indicated that the staff member was "close to many of us", stating: "We celebrated birthdays, weddings, funerals and so many other occasions. We are sad it has come to this."

He shared in another post: "The minimart has been making losses for sometime and we can’t sustain if such misappropriation of the company funds continue."

He added that customers should alert the management immediately if the cashier does not offer a receipt or if an item is not scanned, stating those who do so will be rewarded with "a handsome tip". 

AsiaOne has reached out to Tan and the police for comment. 

Many online expressed shock over the amount of money stolen but were glad that a police report was made against the culprits.

Some, however, felt that Tan should have given them a chance and not put them on blast on social media. 

Responding to the comments, Tan shared that employees are made aware of the consequences of stealing, and if caught doing so, a police report would be made. 

He wrote: "Staff are also rewarded for alerting management of such activities, $50 for shoplifter, $500 for theft by staff." 

Sharing about the incident on his personal Facebook page, Tan stated that his policy on the matter "is very clear", indicating that he has treated both former employees fairly.

"Hence I am not judge nor jury, if you steal from me, I will report, even if you are my mother."

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