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14-year-old girls found in Sentosa hotel room with guys and alcohol, police investigating

14-year-old girls found in Sentosa hotel room with guys and alcohol, police investigating
Eric said he was initially not worried after his daughter claimed that she was at Siloso Beach Resort with other girls her age.
PHOTO: Stomp

One man has called out a Sentosa hotel for not enforcing their guest policy after finding out that his 14-year-old daughter was in a room with at least seven other boys.

Bottles of alcohol were also spotted in the premises on April 20, Stomp reported.

Speaking to Stomp, the man, who only gave his name as Eric, said that his teenage daughter told him that she is going to a birthday party at Siloso Beach Resort with other girls her age.

"My daughter went with a friend whose parents we knew," he said. "The deal for all was to leave around midnight. My daughter requested that if she could stay a couple more hours, a parent would fetch her with her friend by car and bring her back home.

But Eric said that at 2am, his daughter told him that she wanted to spend the night at the hotel with three of her friends.

"I asked her to send me a picture of the group to be sure and when she made excuses not to do so, I called the hotel to check on the room," he added.

After finding out that there were at least seven other boys in the same room, Eric confronted his daughter, who claimed that only four girls were in the room she was in.

But the father became more concerned after a parent of his daughter's friend took a photo that showed the 14-year-old girls with guys and alcohol.

"During the night, alcohol was consumed and vaping occurred in the room," Eric said, adding that he was "deeply concerned and disappointed" such activities which "endangers the lives of children" were allowed at the hotel. 

The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years old, and vaping is illegal here. 

"I asked her to bring my daughter back with her the next morning," Eric said, who contacted the hotel again.

Unregistered guests illegally snuck into room: Siloso Beach Resort

In an email reply to Eric, Siloso Beach Resort clarified that the party held in the hotel room "is a clear violation of their hotel policy".

The resort said: "According to the staff who checked in on this guest of room 607, there were only three persons checking into the room at the time. As such, we did not have any reason to be suspicious or to disturb the guest's privacy.

"We believe that the other guests entered the resort without proceeding to our reception or registering as guests. After learning about the party and checking the room, our staff enforced the hotel policy, and required the extra guests to leave the premises."

Siloso Beach Resort told Eric that they received a complaint that the extra guests were still in the room in the morning.

"As our entry points are locked or manned by security at night, this means that the extra guests illegally snuck back into our resort as trespassers, in order to return to the room," they added.

But Eric told Stomp his daughter claimed that the unregistered guests "simply walked through" the main hotel entrance which was not locked at night.

Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) told Stomp that they are aware of this incident.

"We understand that Siloso Beach Resort has reported this matter to the Singapore Police Force," a spokesperson said, adding that SDC will provide the police with the necessary support and assistance required throughout their investigations.

"Guests are advised to contact the Sentosa Rangers at 1800-RANGERS (7264377) if they notice anything suspicious happening on Sentosa or if they require any assistance on the island."

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

AsiaOne has contacted SDC for comment.

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