25 years later, ex-students of Hai Sing High School looking for teacher who didn't give up on them

Former students of Hai Sing High School class 5N4 of 1997 are looking for their former teacher, Ms Jamie Foo Kwong Wah.
PHOTO: Stomp

It has been 25 years since they left secondary school, but there is one teacher they have not forgotten.

Stomp contributor Aylwin and his ex-classmates from Hai Sing High School in Pasir Ris are looking for their former teacher, Ms Jamie Foo Kwong Wah.

They are organising a meet-up on Aug 19 and they want to invite Ms Foo to join them so that they can thank her for what she did for them.

Aylwin told Stomp: "We were a class full of naughty kids, be it guys or gals. Half the class were either suspended or absent throughout the year.

"Many teachers and even our principal at that time had given up on us, but not her.

"She encouraged us always. We made her cry and disappointed her time and time again, but she never stopped caring for us.

"At the time, we were all still very young and naive. Now that we have grown up, we, the class of 5N4 1997, hope to find her and thank her, something which we did not do when we left school."

He said that when they wrote to the school, which changed its name to Hai Sing Catholic School in 1999, they were told that Ms Foo had left the school more than ten years ago.

"Some of my friends said they saw her many years back at a life-saving course but failed to get her contact," he said.

"We sincerely hope to find her as without her, we may not be what we are today. Grown-up, sensible and responsible people."

If you are Ms Jamie Foo Kwong Wah or have any information about her, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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