3 for the price of 1? Motorcyclists exit Woodlands carpark at the same time

Stomp contributor Carpark King was making his way home from Block 628 Woodlands Drive 62 at about 11.30pm on June 30 when he saw three motorcyclists exiting the carpark at the same time.

He shared a video with Stomp via WhatsApp of the incident.

In the video, the three motorcyclists are waiting at the gantry before the rightmost motorist edges towards the barrier.

After which, the barrier lifts and the three ride off at the same time.

Carpark King told Stomp: "As I drove towards the gantry, my wife and I saw this group of motorcyclists standing in that formation, waiting for one person to pop a cash card in and leave."

He said: "I'm familiar with cars tailgating but this is unique. It's my first time seeing this.

"I usually see tailgating incidents but this is 3 at one time, it's quite ridiculous."

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