43 fall ill after banquet lunch at Regent Hotel; kitchen rating downgraded

[Update, Jan 30]:

One-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Summer Palace and the Regent Hotel's banquet kitchen have had their food hygiene grade lowered to a "C", after 43 people fell ill following a banquet lunch event last November. 

In a statement on the National Environment Agency's (NEA) website, it said guests suffered from symptoms of gastroenteritis, or what is commonly known as "stomach flu", after eating food provided from Summer Palace and the banquet kitchen on Nov 11, 2017.

A spokesperson from Regent Hotel clarified on Tues (Jan 30), that the affected guests were served food from the banquet kitchen, and did not dine at Summer Palace restaurant.

However, the food hygiene grade was determined by NEA's investigation of all the hotel's kitchens, impacting both kitchens.

Said the spokesperson: "Kitchen staff work in both kitchens at the hotel. NEA's investigation of all the hotel's kitchens in November had determined the downgrading of the food hygiene grade for the establishment, impacting both kitchens." 

The spokesperson added that the Ministry of Health conducted phone interviews with the 43 affected guests, but "without proper medical reports or tests, the findings have been non-conclusive to determine the source and its effect on the guests".

Following the food hygiene demotion on Jan 29, NEA said it will be reviewing their status again in a year, while keeping the premises under surveillance.

The two establishments previously received an "A" food hygiene rating according to NEA's website.

Summer Palace, which specialises in Cantonese cuisine, received its one Michelin star last year.