$4.90 'cai fan' too ex? Diner complains about meal at Marine Parade food court, says it's not in 'fancy' MBS or Sentosa

PHOTO: Stomp

This man was looking for a meal that's cheap and healthy.

But he was shocked by the "ridiculous" price of his order of 'cai fan' at a food court in Parkway Parade, Stomp reported on Thursday (Jan 26).

Speaking to the media outlet, the man, named David, shared that he had ordered rice with long beans, leafy greens and tofu from Chang Cheng Mixed Rice at Food Republic.

While there was nothing special about his lunch in the Marine Parade area, David expressed his shock after being quoted $4.90 for it.

"I clarified the price with the server, and was told that the price is correct. I did not press too much as the staff were just following instructions," David said, adding that he was expecting the cost for his meal to be below $4.

"The stall was at Parkway Parade's food court, so it is not some super fancy Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa area. I can't believe the meal cost that much."

Other diners have complained about the prices of economy rice in recent times.

In November last year, a man lamented about having to fork out a mere $1.90 for his meal of rice, sardines and curry vegetables.

Netizens were dumbfounded by his complaints on social media.

"Go and cook it yourself", a netizen said, while another said that he was surprised that the diner was not charged $5 for his meal.

And in June last year, a Reddit user questioned his $11 lunch of rice with fried Batang (mackerel) fish and a yong tau foo dish at a coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio.

"Inflation or robbery? I know fish is expensive but come on, this is too much", he lamented, while replying to a netizen that he "was expecting" to pay up to $6 for his meal.

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