'Is this allowed?' Woodlands resident balks at condo management which threatened to 'deactivate' ez-link cards

'Is this allowed?' Woodlands resident balks at condo management which threatened to 'deactivate' ez-link cards
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Three strikes and you're out - locked out of this condo, at least.

A sign that was put up by La Casa's condo management corporation (MCST) warning residents of a three-strike rule with ez-link card gate access drew the ire of Terry Tan who posted about his unhappiness to Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Wednesday (Jan 17).

In the notice then, the MCST stated that residents "should use their own registered ez-link card" to access the estate's side and back gates and should not ask the security team to open the gate for them.

Should a resident request help from security for this matter more than three times continuously and without taking heed of the team's reminder to bring their card in the future, the security team will update the management and "action will be taken to deactivate their ez-link card".

"It is the responsibility of each and every resident to bring along their own ez-link card when leaving the estate so as to not disturb the security team in their other duties," the notice also said.

Resident Tan questioned on his post: "Is this allowed by management? Seems very excessive."

Speaking with AsiaOne on Wednesday, Tan shared that he moved into La Casa three months ago and noticed the sign about a week ago.

He said that a neighbouring condo has implemented a phone application that can be used to unlock the gates instead.

"We suggested to them to use an app system and their response was, 'You go and find out the cost from the different vendors and propose to us'," he added.

Condo management replaced notice

La Casa management have since removed and replaced the notice, Tan shared with AsiaOne on Thursday.

A new notice was put up instead, sans the "threat" of deactivating ez-link card access to the property.

"Please walk to the guardhouse to register with security if you do not bring your ez-link card," the new notice stated.

Some netizens agreed with Tan, asking: "What's the intercom installed at the gate for in the first place? Why not remove the intercom?"

Another felt that residents should have a say in the matter and that the MCST ought to "be more tactful".

Many users, however, also felt this regulation was necessary.

"It's your own responsibility to bring your card when you go out," one commented.

Said another: "May be considered marginally excessive but I applaud the courage and initiative. Inconsiderate actions by residents to further inconvenience the security should not be condoned. Is it so difficult to bring a card to tap?"

A user also explained that a condo project houses "several hundred, even a few thousand residents".

Should even a small percentage of these residents contact the security team each time they need to enter the property, this "unnecessarily burdens" security, the netizen added. 

"Their duty is to maintain security, not to constantly open doors for residents or their relatives, or even Airbnb guests!"

AsiaOne has contacted La Casa's condo management for more information.

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