Amos Yee, defender of paedophiles, allegedly hosting paedophilia online forum

Amos Yee, defender of paedophiles, allegedly hosting paedophilia online forum

Care for some Amos Yee news to start your week?

Last heard crowdfunding for his so-called free-speech crusades in the US, Yee allegedly posted on Facebook last night that he is actively seeking members for his paedophilia online forum.

His account seems to be offline at the moment but an alleged reproduction is on Reddit.

In it, he wrote, "I've been running a paedo-friendly Discord server for the past few weeks and I'm looking for new members. This Discord server is not open to the public so if you'd like to join, private message me here on Facebook with a small intro of yourself (your views on paedophilia, your political views, how big of an Amos Yee fan you are)."

According to the post, the forum does not seem to be for paedophile content, but for discussion and education on paedophilia.

Yee hopes to grow the number of paedophile defenders by teaching members about the "positions of paedophiles… debate tactics and how to sound more convincing when putting forth an argument".

The 20-year-old has defended paedophilia before, including through three YouTube videos in November last year.

His channel was banned in May, while his Twitter account was just suspended for this post:

I know, right?

However, Yee has said before he is not a paedophile.

In the alleged Facebook post, Yee also described the forum as "high intellectualism [and] autism" and that his "lessons" are free.

Reactions to this news were like how reactions to Yee have usually been.

User Whiskerfield wrote, "Wow, at first I thought he was just trolling. Now, I'm not even sure anymore," while HidingCat added, "Guy needs help. Which of course won't happen since he thinks he's perfectly fine and it's all of us who are wrong."

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Razorwindsg wrote, "Thank goodness that US decided to take him in," referring to Yee's asylum status.

Another user, SnarkyHummingbird, mocked Yee's supposed forum partner, a "Kokichi Oma".

"This is nasty but the thing that absolutely gets me about this is that he does not seem to realise the name Kokichi Oma is a character from a video-game series (DanganRonpa) and not, like, an actual person."

Still, some people can always find humour in anything Amos Yee-related.

"Damn, if he had stayed, we'd probably have gotten a good Crimewatch episode out of him at some point," wrote Vanguard_Wind.

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