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'Aren't you embarrassed?' Woman blasted for using body to chope lot for Singapore-registered car in Kluang

'Aren't you embarrassed?' Woman blasted for using body to chope lot for Singapore-registered car in Kluang
A woman was seen standing in a parking lot in Malaysia, attempting to reserve the lot for a different vehicle.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

Tangkak Beef Noodles is known, among other things, for its deliciously thick slices of beef - but perhaps they aren't quite as thick as this woman's skin, if netizens are to be believed.

A woman has earned the ire of netizens after using her body to 'chope' a parking lot in Malaysia, holding it for a Singapore-registered car, according to a video uploaded to SG Road Vigilante last Saturday (April 13).

In the video, a car turns into a parking lot right outside Tangkak Beef Noodles in Kluang, Malaysia, but stops when the driver notices a woman standing in the lot.

The woman, holding an umbrella in the rain, is quick to wave her hand as the car approaches, shooing the driver away as she stands her ground, refusing to move.

She also motions to indicate disapproval as the driver tries to park, denying the driver from parking in the lot.

Later, an image of a Singapore-registered car is shown in the video, presumably the car that took the lot instead.

Her actions enraged many online with some specifically addressing her "kiasu-ism (Slang for a scared-to-lose behaviour)".

"Bringing kiasu-ism to the highest level," one user said.

Another commented: "To whoever is related to this woman, aren't you embarrassed?"

A user also griped: "Seriously, too many [selfish] people with no common sense."

Some users also shared what they would do in the driver's situation - keep trying to park in the lot.

"Just drive in and park, what can she do? Scratch your car?" Said one.

"I'd just stop and park right in front of her and go," a user commented. "The other car also cannot do anything."

Many also felt that this is a Singaporean habit and shouldn't be brought into other countries.

"At Johor Bahru also want to chope parking, lose Singaporean face," said a user.

Another sarcastically said: "Your Singaporean car-chope-ing spirit can extend all the way to Kluang, power!"

A netizen also chided: "Learn to be humble and respectful in others' country, won't you?"

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