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Bottoms up? The drink Ong Ye Kung chugged at Sembawang kopitiam isn't beer

Bottoms up? The drink Ong Ye Kung chugged at Sembawang kopitiam isn't beer
TikTok user Tony_chai_oe spotted Ong Ye Kung chugging a drink at a coffee shop in Sembawang.
PHOTO: TikTok/Tony_chai_oe

It's not every day that you catch a minister walking around a coffeeshop, and downing drinks at that. 

TikTok user Tony_chai_oe had the fortune of bumping into Health Minister Ong Ye Kung at a coffee shop in Sembawang on Thursday (Nov 17) evening, while the latter was attending a getai event in the vicinity. 

In an 11-second video, Tony_chai_oe showed Ong chugging a mysterious drink from a glass — which he thought was beer. 

"Finished it in one gulp," he wrote in the video. 


As soon as the video was posted, netizens began to chime in, taking guesses as to what beverage the Health Minister was downing. 

For the most part, they disagreed with Tony_chai_oe, saying that he was most probably drinking kopi

However, one did suggest that he could be drinking Guinness Stout.  

Unfortunately, none of their answers hit the mark. 

An AsiaOne reader who was at the coffee shop then revealed that the minister was actually chugging a mug of teh-O. 

Well, Minister Ong isn't the only one who enjoys an honest cup of teh

Back in 2020, Workers' Party member Nicole Seah also shared in a Facebook video that her go-to beverage is teh-C-kosong

In fact, she loves it so much that she makes it at home with her own tea dust. "My family says that if I don't have teh-C kosong, I get a bit cranky," she added.

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