Ong Ye Kung vs Tan Chuan-Jin: Who will emerge as winner in this Muay Thai match?

Ong Ye Kung vs Tan Chuan-Jin: Who will emerge as winner in this Muay Thai match?
Ong Ye Kung and Tan Chuan-Jin showed off their Muay Thai moves in a TikTok video.
PHOTO: TikTok/Ong Ye Kung

Is Ong Ye Kung on a mission to become the most kick-ass minister yet? 

Just muay-be. 

The health minister uploaded a TikTok video on Friday (Nov 4), showing himself facing off good friend Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin in a Muay Thai bout over at ASF Fitness in Tanglin CC.

The video starts off with Tan watching Ong's wushu TikTok video. Seemingly inspired, he then sends a message the latter, asking if he's interested to try Muay Thai together. 

"Let's!" replies Ong. 

Donning a pair of Muay Thai shorts and hand wraps, Ong and Tan then 'transformed' into two fighters busting out their best moves in the ring — which included an array of punches, kicks, elbows and knees. 


After an intense session, the pair, who were at Raffles Junior College at the same time, shared their thoughts about the art of eight limbs. 

"Luckily my opponent not so strong," joked Health Minister Ong.

"Lucky my opponent not so strong also," replied the Speaker in jest, adding that it was a "very good workout". 

Ong also gave his two cents about the sport, sharing that it's "mostly about balance, core muscle and timing" rather than fighting. 

Ending off the video, Ong said: "There's a sport for everyone, so keep healthy," while throwing a playful knee at Tan.

The health minister's video earned the praise of netizens, who loved how "refreshing" the idea was. 

Back in August, Ong made his first foray into martial arts when he posted a TikTok video of himself doing wushu alongside some young students. 

The students also shared with Ong how wushu had given them life skills like discipline and perseverance. 

Describing how sports builds character, Ong said: "Keep on exercising and keep on doing what you love."

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