Calling all bargain hunters: Lazada's hiring Chief Discount Officer where you work just 1 hour a week

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You may have heard about the four-day work week, but this job ad may have just raised (or lowered) the bar.

Work once a week for one hour — read the job description for a Chief Discount Officer at Lazada.

The job opening in Singapore, posted on LinkedIn on Aug 20, has received 17 applications. That successful candidate will help customers "sniff out the best deals" on the e-commerce platform.

"Suitable candidates have to demonstrate a keen nose for discounts, an effable personality in front of the camera, and most importantly, maximum kiasuness where the mere thought of missing out a good deal is catastrophic," the job description said.

It added that applicants should live, breathe and dream Fomo (fear of missing out) – which is probably a pre-requisite trait in all good bargain hunters.

As good as the one-hour work week sounds, we’re not quite sure how the individual will be able to cram all the duties listed in the ad within the time frame.

The chief discount officer is a full-time position with the LazLive team, which is the platform's livestreaming feature. Besides hosting livestreams, he or she will have to "cultivate strong relationships with livestream viewers and be their best lobang friend".

Interestingly, that one benefit from this job? First-hand knowledge of the best lobangs on Lazada. 

Our Chief Discount Officer, Ain Edruce is back and you know what that means! More deals, more discounts, and more things...

Posted by Lazada on Monday, September 14, 2020

Over in Malaysia, it was reported that Lazada appointed television personality Ain Edruce as their Chief Discount Officer in Sept 2020. 

A Lazada spokesperson told AsiaOne: "At Lazada, we are always looking for fun and creative ways to highlight the best deals available on the platform.

"The aim of our recent job opening for a Chief Discount Officer is to find a unique individual who can help shoppers sniff out the best deals on the platform, to enhance the shopping experience for the millions of shoppers who visit Lazada every day."

"Livestreaming will be a key responsibility for the CDO as it is increasingly becoming one of the most-successful ways to engage consumers, with the entertaining and interactive sessions bringing products to life for consumers, while helping them to be more informed about the purchases they make," the spokesperson added.

This is not the first time a too-good-to-be-true job offer has surfaced. In Nov 2020, foodpanda was hiring a Chief Makan Officer with a $5,000 monthly food allowance.  

Fomo yet? Apply with your most kiasu resume.