'Cheapo at its best': Netizens slam diner griping about KFC 'ruining' Father's Day dinner

'Cheapo at its best': Netizens slam diner griping about KFC 'ruining' Father's Day dinner
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A diner who took to Instagram to quibble over what they found to be a dissatisfactory meal at the Toa Payoh KFC branch on Father's Day (June 19), found themselves getting flamed by annoyed netizens instead. 

In an Instagram post shared by Sgfollowsall on Monday, the anonymous submission by a diner elaborated how their Father's Day dinner was "totally spoilt" after the service staff allegedly refused their request for an eighth cup of complimentary water.


In the post, the diner explained that their family of six had ordered 15 pieces of chicken and requested seven cups of water.

However, as the diner's son spilt his cup of water, they asked for another cup, which was denied.

The service staff allegedly said: "I already gave you 7 cups of water, I cannot give you another cup, you need to buy the soft drinks".

In response, the diner explained that their son had spilt his cup of water but the service staff still allegedly refused to give him another cup.

"The happy dinner was completely ruined," said the diner, complaining about their dining experience.

According to the Instagram post, the diner later walked back to ask for the service staff's name, intending to lodge a complaint to which the staff allegedly said "Why do you want to know my name?" Why do you want to know? Anything tell my manager [sic]"

The diner said the assistant manager of the branch later apologised over the incident, remarking that it was "the only saving grace".

The diner ended the submission with "seriously, how much does a small cup of plain water cost the restaurant?! Why can't I ask for more water after my son has accidentally spilled his?"

At the time of writing, the post has garnered about 7,000 likes, and 222 comments, and has drawn massive backlash from netizens as many felt that his gripes were gratuitous.

One Instagram user commented, "Honestly 7 cups of free water is a lot already, most restaurants don't even provide that. Stop giving the workers there a headache".

"Cheapo at its best," said another user.

Many users also added that the diner was being overly sensitive and poked fun that such a small incident could completely ruin their dinner, with others pointing out that the diner was very entitled.

Another lamented, "We 🤔 should be more sensitive to service staff, with the current surge in business I noticed not enough staff in many establishments [sic]".

AsiaOne has contacted KFC Singapore for comment.

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