'Consider this the last meal I will serve you': KF Seetoh recounts rude customer being one-upped by hawker

'Consider this the last meal I will serve you': KF Seetoh recounts rude customer being one-upped by hawker
PHOTO: Facebook/KF Seetoh

"Customers are no longer king," proclaimed Makansutra founder KF Seetoh in his latest Facebook post on Monday (April 25).

In his post, Seetoh recounted an encounter with a rude customer during an outing with his wife to a hawker centre.

"Wife orders from hawker and told to return after last customer in line (red T-shirt). Comes back 20 mins [later] and takes her dish after that last customer."

However, Seetoh detailed that when his wife did so, the customer next in line "gives the hawker an earful" despite the hawker trying his best to explain the situation.

When the customer continued his tirade, however, the hawker threw out a "checkmate" move, Seetoh stated.

He told the customer, "You are my regular who asks for extra free soup all the time. I just give it to you. Now you give me a piece of your mind.

"As he hands over the order he finishes off with 'consider this the last meal I will serve you'."

In his post, Seetoh also described how the online world is populated by "trolls, vengeful, dull and loud keyboard warriors plus the entitled boor", but that "customers are no longer king".

"True, sincere service is," he added.


Seetoh, who is known to be an advocate for hawkers, indicated that such customers are not needed "in a world where service folks and hawkers are treated with no respect".

He also noted that eateries and hawkers should be given the right to review customers as well.

Comments on his post voiced their support for Seetoh's views, agreeing that "the customer is not always right".

AsiaOne has reached out to Seetoh for more information.

Just as complaints about poor customer service are rampant online, similar complaints about rude and self-entitled diners are aplenty.

Last month, it was reported that two men were under investigation for posing a public nuisance, following their unruly behaviour at a Punggol restaurant. They had allegedly smashed plates on the ground after they were told by staff that they could not consume food bought from elsewhere at the eatery. 

A video shared on social media showed the men shouting and pushing staff.

Diners have also been called out for being belligerent or shouting at staff when they don't get their way.

On Instagram, there's even a channel @fnbsays.sg — an outlet for disgruntled service staff to share their encounters with rude customers as well as other work-related woes in the F&B industry.



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