Couple responds to call for help on Facebook, spots lost beagle inside Sentosa drain after 2 days

The dog had been missing for two days after it was frightened off by fireworks along Siloso Beach Walk.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Nqbah_que

While out on a stroll along Siloso Beach Walk on June 12, one family's pet beagle, spooked by the fireworks in Sentosa ran off in fear, prompting the family to embark on a somewhat fruitless search. 

In an emotional appeal on Facebook, user Regine CWT shared that Lady, as it is affectionately known, ran off without having dinner that day. 

The family "spent hours" shouting for Lady right after its disappearance, Regine CWT said, adding that they returned to Siloso Beach in the afternoon the next day to resume the search until midnight. 

Describing that several beachgoers had spotted the pet dog in the vicinity, Regine CWT said: "Really appreciate every single one of you who have helped in one way or another. 

Her father Eric Chia also appealed on Facebook for help.

Some two days later, their beagle was discovered but in the unlikeliest of places by a couple who responded to the family's appeal.

The heartwarming rescue mission along Imbiah Walk on June 14 evening was documented on TikTok by Nqbah_que yesterday (June 21), who happened to be in Sentosa with his girlfriend then.

In the 15-second clip, Nqbah_que shared that although he and his girlfriend were in the area to longboard, the latter brought along dog treats and a leash after learning about a missing beagle there.

"We saw a lady trying to open the drain [cover]," Nqbah_que said, adding that they found the "traumatised and hungry" dog inside.

Describing how that dog owner rushed down after she was informed via a Telegram chat group for lost and found pets, Nqbah_que wrote that the beagle was freed from its ordeal after securing it with his girlfriend's leash.

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In that Facebook post, netizens praised the couple for helping to rescue the poor beagle.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Nqbah_que

Responding to a netizen's post on whether they had received a "bounty" or a cash reward, Nqbah_que said he just wanted to return the dog safely to its owner.

Taking to Facebook post on June 14, Eric Chia confirmed that his pet was rescued and it had several minor wounds.

AsiaOne has reached out to Eric Chia for comment.

While the Chia family were reunited with their lost dog, other pet owners are not so lucky.

Earlier this month, a woman had a heartbreaking closure for her missing pet after a video of the cat's tragic death went viral on social media.

And in May, a family living in Toa Payoh was horrified to find out that their missing shih tzu was disposed of via a trash compactor following its unfortunate death.

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