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'Creepy' cabby texting woman since ride in 2021, she jokes he's 'the most consistent man in my life'

'Creepy' cabby texting woman since ride in 2021, she jokes he's 'the most consistent man in my life'
PHOTO: TikTok/Oo_ya_

It's nice to get validation and attention from the people in our lives. 

But it's a little weird if that's coming from a taxi driver you met years ago. 

"The most consistent man in my life is not like a father figure or like, a boyfriend or anything. But it's this taxi driver from 2021," a woman called Yatty lightly shared in a TikTok video uploaded on Wednesday (Jan 18). 

She revealed that the man, whom she estimated to be around 50 years old, had attained her number via the old ComfortDelGro app before it was revamped to the new CDG Zig app. 

His first message to her was regarding the receipt for her cab fare back then. 

But that evidently wasn't the end of it. 

He continued to send her messages saying things like "hi Yatty", "how are you" and "how have you been". 

"Since then, he has been consistently asking me how I am like every six months I guess," recounted Yatty. 

While she gave him credit for the effort as well as remembering to text her, she admitted it was "a bit creepy" that drivers were able to get passengers' personal numbers and contact them. 

"I should probably block him," she concluded. 

Netizens were generally rather amused by the exchange and one even joked that the driver probably set a reminder to message Yatty. 

However, one said he didn't know whether to be happy or sad for the driver as "good guys can't finish first". 

One also was confused as to why Yatty had not reported him to ComfortDelgro yet. 

According to ComfortDelGro's terms and conditions, a passenger's personal data can be disclosed to the ride-hailing services to facilitate the fulfilment of a booking for the transportation services. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Yatty and ComfortDelGro for more details. 

Sliding into passenger's inbox

Back in December, one Tada driver slid into his passenger's inbox after driving her to her destination. 

He had picked her up from her house in the morning and during the ride, he probed a little too much into her personal life. 

Later that night, he sent the woman a message on WhatsApp. 

Apart from wishing her all the best in her endeavours, he also said: "You look great". 

He also asked the woman to "keep in touch", which left her feeling uncomfortable. 

According to the ride-hailing company, Tada has number masking so such incidents "typically should not happen". 

A spokesperson also told AsiaOne that the app’s number masking feature was not activated for this ride due to a technical issue with Tada's service provider.

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