Mr Classy turns creepy: Woman says hitch driver offered free ride for 'something in return'

Joie shared that she was unsurprised with the Telehitch driver's inappropriate offer.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

This woman thought that she had found a "Mr Classy" who would send her home for free late at night. 

But it turns out that the offer from the private hitch driver came with a catch.

In an interview with AsiaOne on Wednesday (Nov 9), Joie said that the incident happened on Nov 7 at around 11pm.

Stuck at Mount Faber at that time, the 21-year-old student shared that she turned to messaging app Telegram after attempts to book for a ride through a ride-hailing app to Sengkang were unsuccessful.

After sending her request on a popular carpooling chat group, Joie said that she received a private message from a "Mr Classy", adding that he offered her a free ride.

"[I felt] it very suspicious [and] who wouldn't be? So I asked him 'what's the catch?'," Joie, who didn't want to give her surname, said.

In a now-deleted TikTok video shared on Tuesday (Nov 8) that documented her messages with the hitch driver, the latter said: "Something in return and I [will] send you safely".

When Joie pressed further, "Mr Classy" suggested receiving a sexual act from her in exchange for a free ride home.

"I knew it was coming already, because nothing is for free and I've heard many stories of pervert hitch drivers," Joie said, adding that she blocked the hitch driver and took a Grab ride home. 

In May, a woman shared a TikTok video on how one such driver offered her a free ride in exchange for a hook-up.

"Is it a compliment if I get hard off your pics," 'J' told TikTok user then.

The woman also defended herself against netizens who blamed her and said she should have booked a ride from a ride-hailing app instead.

And in June last year, a woman shared how a "Clarence" told her that her ride would be cheaper since "she's really hot".

The conversation took an even more pervy turn when the hitch driver offered $500 to touch her thigh and $3,000 to touch her chest.

When she stopped responding to his inappropriate messages, "Clarence" said: "I'm sincere about it. Hope you can consider."

While Joie has encountered similar experiences in the past, she told AsiaOne that they were not as "bad or straight up" as her interactions with "Mr Classy".

She initially shared screenshots of the messages on Instagram, but Joie said that her friends told her to create more awareness by posting a video on TikTok.

"It would be good for younger girls to be aware of [such Telehitch drivers] too", she said. 

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