Cyclist allegedly slaps pedestrian in Sengkang, yelling 'don't know how to give way is it?'

The cyclist who allegedly slapped a hearing impaired woman for not moving aside allowing him to ride past.
PHOTO: Facebook/Honey Soo

A couple’s morning walk in Sengkang was disrupted after a cyclist allegedly got upset at them last Saturday (March 26).

The woman claimed that the cyclist slapped her for not moving aside despite the constant ringing of his bicycle bell.

Two days later, she went online to appeal for eyewitnesses to help identify her assailant.

“As I am hearing impaired, I did not realise that a cyclist from behind was ringing his bell non-stop until my husband gestured at me to move to the left,” the woman wrote under the Facebook username Honey Soo.

The cyclist – wearing a black long-sleeved Camel Smokercross cycling jersey, orange sports sunglasses and a white British Cycling balaclava – then whizzed past the couple.

The trio, however, met at a traffic junction further ahead.

She said the cyclist shouted “Don’t know how to give way, is it?” at them when he noticed that they were standing behind him.

According to her, she tried explaining to him that she didn't give way earlier because of her hearing impairment, but the cyclist continued to verbally abuse her.

He subsequently slapped her on the cheek when she used her phone to record the incident, she said.

“I asked him why he hit a woman in broad daylight and told him not to leave as I’ll be calling the police,” the woman wrote.

Hearing this, the cyclist wanted to leave but some passers-by tried to stop him.

"He suddenly rode his bicycle straight into my husband," she said.

When the lights turned in his favour, the cyclist sped off and the couple gave chase. However, they lost sight of him near Block 261 Punggol Way and immediately went to lodge a police report at the Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre.

The police told AsiaOne on Tuesday (March 29) that they received a call for assistance along Sengkang East Road on March 26 at about 9am.

A 57-year-old man is assisting with investigations.

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