Daily roundup: Upcoming EC, condo launches in 2020 to consider - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Facebook/treasurecrest.gw

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Upcoming EC, condo launches in 2020 to consider if you are planning for a new home

If you are planning for a new home with your other half, 2020 might just be the right time for you. Apart from the usual BTO launches, there are a slew of Executive Condominium (EC) and condominium (condo) launches in 2020..... » READ MORE

2. Residents raise a stink over faecal matter at Ang Mo Kio void deck, Town Council investigating

Screengrab: Google Maps

Photos showed a pipe spilling faecal matter onto the ground, and sewage water flowing into a nearby drain... » READ MORE

3. I own 3 condos in my 40s: Here's what it's like

PHOTO: Pexels

For most Singaporeans, owning multiple properties is a classic “shake leg and collect money” scenario. This week, however, we talked to Jasmine, who explains how it’s anything but.... » READ MORE

4. Ann Kok turns down 4 dramas in a row, doesn't miss being an Ah Jie

PHOTO: Instagram/Ann_kok

She was once an Ah Jie in local showbiz, alongside fellow actresses Zoe Tay and Fann Wong. However, her star has dimmed in recent times ever since she took a step back from filming. But she doesn't mind it at all.... » READ MORE