Dance or duel? 2 men show off kung fu moves in fight at Telok Blangah Rise Market

PHOTO: Screengrab/Stomp

Life is not a martial arts movie, but it seems like these two men think it's one. 

On Sunday night (Nov 14) around 8.50 pm, the unidentified men were caught exchanging blows at Telok Blangah Rise Market, Stomp reported. 

In a video shared by a Stomp reader, who said he witnessed the fight, a man dressed in a red shirt can be seen dramatically swinging and waving his arms at a man wearing a yellow shirt. 

While their conversation is mostly inaudible, things sound pretty heated, with both of them raising their voices.

But it was the men's martial arts moves that impressed the eyewitness, identified only as Danial.

"This is what happens after Jackie Chan and Wong Fei Hung have too many drinks," he quipped. 

Fortunately, the pair "settled the dispute after the dance", according to Danial. 

Back in September, a more aggressive fight between two elderly men at a Bedok North coffee shop also made headlines.

During the conflict, one of the men rained blows on the other man's son and the brawl only ended after concerned onlookers pulled the pair apart.