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'Dishwasher smells like decomposed body': Property agent accuses tenants of leaving condo unit in nightmare state

'Dishwasher smells like decomposed body': Property agent accuses tenants of leaving condo unit in nightmare state
This property agent took to TikTok to show how some former tenants had trashed a condominium unit.

Property agents encounter problematic tenants from time to time, but one tenant's inconsideration recently left a property agent at a loss for words.  

The agent, who only wanted to be known as Tan, took to TikTok last Saturday (April 22) to complain about the former tenants of a condominium unit, who left him with a "nightmare". 

The 53-second video uploaded by Tan showed that the former tenants had trashed the four-bedroom unit, leaving behind vandalised walls and damaged floors. 

As he continued walking around the unit, Tan uncovered more horrors, such as how the dishwasher "smelled like a decomposed body was left in there".

The former tenants also did not clear out the toys in the children's room, which were splayed all over the floor. They also left behind a mess in the kitchen and storeroom. 

"I am dumbfounded," wrote Tan in the video. "Now I know why they were avoiding my requests to conduct a handover." 

"Needless to say, their entire security deposit will be forfeited." 

However, Tan mentioned in a comment that the tenant's deposit for the house wasn't even enough to cover the damage they had done to the apartment. 

Netizens were also appalled that the apartment was left in such a terrible state. 

"How is it possible to f*** up a house this much," questioned one netizen.

AsiaOne has reached out to Tan for more information. 

Property agent shares footage of 'worst' flat handover

Unfortunately, it seems like these nightmares are pretty common for property agents.

Earlier this month, another property agent, Desiree Leung, also posted a TikTok video showing how the sellers of a HDB flat in Tampines had also left their unit in disarray on handover day

When Leung went into the flat to inspect the condition, she was dismayed to find a torn sofa and dirty mattresses left in the unit.

Pots and pans belonging to the sellers were still lying about, and there were even bugs flying out of the fridge. 

Utterly disgusted, Leung wrote in the video's caption that she handed the keys back to the seller on the spot, who promised to get rid of the clutter within the next two days. 

"One or two movable items can close one eye la but all these adding up, [it's] at least 10 items. Isn't it common sense to clear out the movable items?" Leung questioned.

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