Don’t forget to pay up: Debt collector disguised as God of Fortune goes knocking on doors

PHOTO: Facebook/Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd

When the God of Fortune comes knocking at the door, most people will not hesitate to welcome him in.

That's what a debt collection company has done, delivering some luck to debtors they're visiting this festive season.

Armed with lucky bags, a staff member dressed up as God of Fortune turned up at several residents' doorsteps "to give luck and not to demand payment," said Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd.

The bags, which were hung at the gates, also included something that may help reverse debtors' fortunes — a TOTO lottery slip and 4D numbers printed on the debt collection notice (cleverly placed in a red packet).

大年初一头一天 家家户户拜新年, 财神到, 幸福到, 财运到, 财神来咯 正是时候 带著你 一起乐悠悠!It is not every day that you get the opportunity to have the God of...

Posted by Fast Debt Recovery Specialist Pte Ltd on Thursday, February 11, 2021

And if they're lucky, they might just strike it rich in the upcoming $8 million Hong Bao draw.

As per Chinese tradition, paying off one's debts before the new year also reflects a wish for better beginnings.

According to the company, this is not the first time they've been giving out these lucky bags during Chinese New Year, but the God of Fortune is a new addition this time around. 

Getting a visit from the auspicious figure sure beats having a man in funeral garb yelling "Please return the money!" outside your door.