'Don't fake the consumers': Woman upset that hospital food stall's $3.80 value meal only meant for staff

'Don't fake the consumers': Woman upset that hospital food stall's $3.80 value meal only meant for staff
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She happily piled on five yong tau foo ingredients into her bowl as she thought she had scored a deal with the stall's value meal promotion. 

However, Diana Lee got a rude shock when she was later told that the value meal was only meant for staff

The 58-year-old woman shared more about her experience in a Facebook post uploaded on Thursday (March 9).

She said that she visited the yong tau foo stall at Koufu food court at Outram Community Hospital on March 4. 

The value deal, as shown on the signboard, consists of five yong tau foo ingredients with a choice of either noodles and rice for an affordable $3.80.

But just after Lee had selected her five ingredients, an employee allegedly told her that only hospital staff can purchase the value meal. 

Members of the public have to order a minimum of seven ingredients at 80 cents per piece, which adds up to $5.60 in total. 

"How can this be?" Lee questioned, adding that other stalls in the food court had value meal options which were available to the public. 

She also noted that hospital staff are also entitled to staff discounts when they produce their staff passes. 

"If the stall can't afford to offer value meals to the public, then remove it from the menu! Don't just simply fake the consumers with an excuse," said Lee. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Lee said she was a visitor at the hospital and this was her first time patronising this stall. 

Despite being upset about being misled by the stall's advertising, she still purchased the food and paid $6.40 for her meal. 

"I did [so] because I've already chosen the ingredients and it won't be nice to put it back, so I ordered the minimum seven pieces as per requested," she told us. 

Lee said she has left her feedback to Koufu on their website. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Koufu for their comments.

'Value meals are meant for the public'

Lee wasn't the only one shocked by how the stall's value meal was not meant for the public. 

Several netizens commented that such affordable meals should be for everyone. 

Some also complained that hospital food prices are expensive. 

Diner complains about $7.50 economic noodles 

Last August, another woman visited Healthy Kopitiam food court at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) and was shocked after being charged $7.50 for her economic noodles

She had pointed out than a thin slice of luncheon meat had cost her $2, while a piece of fish fillet was $2 and three pieces of nuggets were $2. 

"I think if you're going to charge $2 per item, you should give more worth it [sic]," she said. 

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