Egg-ceptionally painful: Bukit Panjang residents pelt rowdy cyclists with eggs and stones

Egg-ceptionally painful: Bukit Panjang residents pelt rowdy cyclists with eggs and stones
Several unhappy residents also threw eggs at cars with loud engines.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

When a group of cyclists caused a din under their block late at night, some residents at Bukit Panjang took matters into their own hands. 

Men riding electric bicycles would gather under Block 448 Bukit Panjang Ring Road to chit-chat, a housewife surnamed Chen told Shin Min Daily News.

Angered by the disturbance, some people living in the block pelted the men with eggs. They even threw stones.

The cyclists were not the only targets over the past year, the Chinese daily reported on Thursday (Sept 1).

Another resident, a 28-year-old IT consultant, said that vehicles with loud engines would also be attacked whenever they passed by the estate.

"Once, a Ferrari sports car was struck [by litter], the driver came out of his car and swore angrily," he added.

One of the cyclists, 25, shared that he didn't deserve the harsh treatment and pointed out that the modifications to his electric bicycle are legal.

"When I realised that the culprit was a young man living in a unit on the lower floors, I got angry and scolded him. We also spent an hour cleaning the mess."

It was night-time when the man threw the eggs and stones, so it was hard to see which floor he was at, the cyclist said.

Vigilantism gone too far?

The culprits may have been 'punishing' those who have disturbed their sleep, but have they gone too far?

Chen described how her family was once woken up by a burly man ringing the door bell, saying: "When he started accusing us of throwing the eggs, I was confused since we didn't do it.

"But he didn't relent and continued to cause trouble. So we had to call the police."


Her family continued to be harassed as recently as Monday (Aug 29) by other men so Chen resorted to installing a CCTV camera outside her flat.

One of them claimed that the stones had hit his mother, the resident shared.

"Only my son, daughter-in-law and my grandchild were at home then. They did not dare to open the door since tensions were running high when the men were yelling outside."

Chen said: "I just want to clarify that my family did not throw the eggs. We're worried that people might misunderstand us and seek revenge. The consequences would be unimaginable."

Offenders who are convicted of throwing killer litter may face a jail term of up to 5 years or a fine, or both, according to the Housing Development Board.

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