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Elder sister defends brother who was hit by his girlfriend at Bukit Merah food centre

Elder sister defends brother who was hit by his girlfriend at Bukit Merah food centre
A fight broke out between a man, his girlfriend (in green) and his elder sister (in blue T-shirt) at Bukit Merah View.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Complaint Singapore

It's nice when your sibling has your back, especially in times of trouble. 

That seems to be the case for one middle-aged man who found himself in a dispute with his girlfriend outside Bukit Merah View Food Centre and Market on Wednesday (July 13).

Upset that her younger brother was attacked by his partner, the man's elder sister quickly stepped in to defend him, reported Lianhe Zaobao. 

Two videos of the trio's kerfuffle, both about two minutes long, were uploaded onto Facebook group Complaint Singapore by Raven Qiu, and has been shared more than 100 times. 

The first video shows the man trying to hold a woman in white T-shirt — who is believed to be his elder sister — back as she was yelling at his girlfriend who was dressed in a green top. 

Shortly after his sister calmed down, his girlfriend starts the fight again by hitting the man on the back of the head. 

As the two women get into a second fight, the man tries his best to separate them. 

The man eventually manages to calm his sister down, and escorts her back into the food centre. 

In the second video, his girlfriend can be seen following him around, yelling at him as he tries to shrug her off. 

A police officer intercepts the pair and stops the woman from confronting her partner, who is escorted away by another officer.

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, the police said they were alerted to a dispute involving one man and two women at Block 115 Bukit Merah View.

The police added that a 49-year-old woman has been arrested for disorderly behaviour and investigations are ongoing. 

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