Expat in Singapore shares $11,000 'basic' monthly expenses, draws mixed reactions from netizens

Expat in Singapore shares $11,000 'basic' monthly expenses, draws mixed reactions from netizens
PHOTO: TikTok/Gieziheart 

With Singapore's inflation staying elevated, how much would it cost to live here for a month? Well, it depends on who you ask.

For one expat family, that would be $11,650. 

In a video uploaded on Sunday (Jan 15), TikTok user Gieziheart shared her family of three's monthly "basic cost of living". 

To start off, she revealed that rent for their two-bedroom home at Tanjong Pagar is $4,000, while her utilities and internet bills add up to $350. 

The family's transport allowance is $900, though Giezi did not specify if this goes towards ride-hailing, public transport or a car. 

Necessities such as toiletries cost $500, while their monthly grocery bill amounts to $1,500. 

Additionally, their expenses for a helper is $1,100, inclusive of levy. 

A chunk of the money is also dedicated to her son, whose tuition fees and "extra activities" cost $900 and $800 respectively. 

The family have their own "extra activities" as well, and this includes expenditure on dining, with the amount adding up to $1,600. 

The grand total? $11,650.

In her video, Giezi, who has been living in Singapore for 10 years, also shared that this amount did not include how much they spend on shopping and her skincare. 

Reactions to the family's expenditure have been mixed. 

On one hand, some thought that Gieziheart was simply showing off her wealth, with one netizen stating that these weren't "basic" amounts and the family was just "bragging". 

Some were also shocked by how much the family spends on toiletries alone. 

Gieziheart garnered some support however, from those who felt there was nothing wrong with the family's expenditure because after all, it's their life. 

Several others also shared that while the money was a product of the family's efforts, it is important to stay humble. 

Gieziheart's lavish lifestyle, as shown in her TikTok videos, has also prompted netizens to wonder what she does for a living.

In several other clips, she alluded to working in the dental industry, although it's unclear what her exact role is.

With regard to the negative comments to her TikTok video, Gieziheart told AsiaOne that the family believes "everyone has the right to express what they feel or react towards others" and that they "respect any comments" that come their way. 

She also indicated that they have worked hard to get to where they are in life. 

"As foreigners living in Singapore for 10 years, we are very thankful [for] the opportunity that was given to us to work in this country," said Gieziheart, who declined to answer any additional queries from AsiaOne.

She also added that the family will continue to "work hard", "persevere" and upgrade themselves to be able to survive and contribute "in the best way we can" to the community. 

"Hope we can inspire more people to continue to work hard and to aspire to a better life wherever they are living." 

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