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Fight Club Singapore? Students in boxing gloves seen sparring at Serangoon HDB void deck as crowd watches on

Fight Club Singapore? Students in boxing gloves seen sparring at Serangoon HDB void deck as crowd watches on
Two boys with boxing gloves sparring (left) and students supposedly running away from the police (right)
PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Incidents

We all know the number one rule of fight club – you do not talk about fight club.

But what happens when word gets out about fight club?

A group of students, allegedly from the International French School (Singapore) near Serangoon North, were seen congregating at a neighbouring HDB void deck where two boys were in fight mode as they sparred, with boxing gloves on.

An onlooker from afar recorded this 66-second-clip of the incident and it made its way to Singapore Incidents' Facebook page on Friday (May 13).

The post received 36,000 views and 61 comments at the time of writing. 

Throughout the video, there wasn't too much of a commotion as roughly a dozen students stood in a circle around the two boxers, forming a pseudo-boxing ring.

Only when a punch fully landed on an opponent were there audible gasps of "oohs" and "aahs" heard from the crowd.

The two boxers, one in black while the other in white, also seemed rather calm in combat.

However, according to the Facebook post, this was not the first time they had gathered for a fight.

The post mentioned that the police were called but when they arrived, the students allegedly ran to the back of the HDB block and carpark.

The students had allegedly been seen participating in other activities in the area such as vaping and vandalism, the Facebook post claimed. 

Some netizens felt that it was simply a matter of kids being kids. 

"Relax lah, this is not a gang fight. No weapons, no five versus one cowardly street corner gang fights," one Facebook user commented.

Another asked if there's a need to be such a busybody in such trivial matters.

AsiaOne has contacted the International French School (Singapore) and the police for more information. 

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