'Garang' SDA uses measuring tape to ensure distancing

'Garang' SDA uses measuring tape to ensure distancing
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Mulrahmat

Talk about taking your job seriously.

A safe distancing ambassador (SDA) was recently filmed ensuring rules were followed ‘every inch of the way’ at Burgs at VivoCity — by using a measuring tape to check if diners were spaced out adequately.

The video was uploaded on TikTok on March 19 with the caption “Is this really necessary?"

The SDA lays out the measuring tape before taking a photo of its length as proof.

His actions give pause to a couple of diners who turn their heads to see what is going on,  but they appear unperturbed, realising perhaps that it was just a routine inspection.

It is not stated when exactly the moment was recorded.


sincere question: I thought the safe distancing has been a little relaxed?

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Safe management measures in Singapore were streamlined from March 15 affecting five areas: Group sizes, mask wearing, workplace rules, safe distancing, and capacity limits.

Safe distancing barriers have come down and markings have been removed, as spaces and shelters in public reopen.

As well, safe distancing is no longer required in mask-on settings.

That being said, with SDAs like this chap around, would you risk flouting whatever rules are still in place?

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