GE2020: Memes and jokes abound after RP's Charles Yeo's constituency broadcast

PHOTO: Screengrab/Channel News Asia, Twitter

Last night's (July 3) constituency political broadcast — shown on TV and online — featured candidates from the Reform Party (RP) and People's Action Party (PAP) appealing to residents of Ang Mo Kio GRC.

What caught people's attention though, wasn't the pledges or plans proposed, but rather RP's youngest candidate Charles Yeo.

As party-mate Darren Soh — who was supposed to deliver the message in Mandarin — had fallen ill, it was left to the fresh-faced Yeo to pick up the mantle.

But being in the hot seat (right after the Prime Minister too) seemed to have put him on the spot. Though he stuck to his guns and delivered the speech in both English and Mandarin, his struggle with the latter (something familiar to many millennials) left the internet amused.

Overnight, some netizens have turned it into memes.

Here are some of them:

Reform Party's Mr Charles Yeo valiantly stood in for his colleague on MC, giving us a "JIAN CARDBOARD" moment that won't...

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PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter
PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter
Reform Party's Charles Yeo delivers his speech in Mandarin (enhanced) from r/singapore

But to give credit where it is due, here's a video of Yeo speaking (in English) at a political discussion organised by The National University of Singapore Society, where he's noticeably more comfortable and in his zone. 

Some netizens also applauded his courage for taking one for the team despite being thrown into the lion's den and the setbacks.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter
PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter
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