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GE2020: The 7 candidates aged 30 and younger

This year's general election candidates have been confirmed, and among them are a surprising number of fresh-faced individuals aged 30 years or younger.

Far from being politically-apathetic, these are the seven Singaporean millennials who are breaking the mould and taking the future of their countrymen into their own hands.

1. Raeesah Begum Farid Khan, 26, Workers' Party

At just 26-years-old, Raeesah the founder of Reyna Movement, a non-profit organisation aimed at empowering marginalised women in Singapore through education and education programmes.

She also has nearly a decade worth of activist experience under her belt and has volunteered with several social organisations such as the SDI Academy and AIME.

2. Choo Shaun Ming, 23, Progress Singapore Party

Just 23 this year, Choo is the youngest candidate to grace the stage this election.

Once a student leader in Raffles Institution and now a law undergraduate student in NUS, Choo hopes to make a difference to the younger generation in politics by showing "there is someone out there that understands their concerns, their present struggles and their fear for the future and will speak out for them in parliament".

3. Nadia Ahmad Samdin, 30, People's Action Party

Since she was 15, Nadia's life has revolved around giving back to the community. She started volunteering under the South East Community Development Council (SECDC), and later went on to serve a number of community organisations and boards.

She's also held roles in the National Youth Council and the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, as well as being a Panel Advisor in Youth Court while being the youngest district councillor in the SECDC.

4. Nicholas Tang, 28, Red Dot United

As a legal engineer with law firm Pisent Masons M Pillay, Tang works on developing technological solutions for his clients. But now, he's focused on providing solutions for the less fortunate.

He said: "From the manicured gardens and spotless streets built on the backs of cheap migrant labour, to the banning of PMDs (personal mobility devices) — all these hide an underlying issue: that we need more empathy for the problems faced by some of the least well-off residents of our population."

5. Sathin Ravindran, 27, National Solidarity Party

Having grown up as the son of a part-time grocery store worker and a taxi driver, Sathin said he had to hustle hard after graduating from the Institute of Technical Education to build up his own business. To him, his life experiences have placed him in a position where he can better relate to ordinary citizens and allow him to become an advocate for residents.

He's also concerned about the lack of retirement security for older workers, support for single parents and job opportunities for young Singaporeans.

6. Terence Soon, 29, Progress Singapore Party

The Singapore Airlines pilot and second-youngest candidate in the party started off handing out fliers for the party before his daughter's birth spurred him to join politics.

Soon said: "As I continued walking the grounds in many different parts of Singapore, talking to Singaporeans from all walks of life, I realised that I am indeed called to be here because of what I believe and my own personal principles.

7. Charles Yeo, 30, Reform Party

This criminal defence lawyer believes in liberal democracy and accountability, and that he has a strong sense of mission to reform the legal and social system to have "every man equal before the law". 

Apart from pledging to contribute his legal knowledge and resources, he added that he would strive to ensure Singaporeans are given a fair chance to enjoy the fruits of theirs, and their preceeding generations' labour.

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