Goh Chok Tong: Young people of my generation had 'practical' dreams compared to today's youth

PHOTO: Facebook/MParader

We often hear the older generation talk about how times have changed and Goh Chok Tong is no exception.

In a Facebook post published today (July 7), the 79-year-old described how the dreams of the young people of his generation differ from those of today's youth.

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Posted by MParader on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

He wrote: "The dream of my generation of young people was '1,2,3,4' — one spouse, two children, a three-room HDB flat and four-wheels. Very prosaic and practical.

"The dreams of today's young are different, based on my interactions with them over the years. Material pursuits are less important to them. They want to pursue their passions and champion causes. They want to live a more rounded and fulfilling life. They want to make a difference to society, in big or small ways."

However, it's not a bad thing and Goh is "all for supporting these pursuits" as "each generation must shape its own future".

"The old, like me, can share our experiences but must encourage the young to acquire their own memories. In fact, all of us can learn from what our young have to share," he added.

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Goh also recounted a meeting with a young woman while walking the ground in his former ward with Dr Tan See Leng — People's Action Party's Marine Parade GRC candidate. He had asked her "for the ideals of her generation" which "set me thinking about their future".

He said: "Singapore is in the process of renewing itself and its leadership. Every generation should have their opportunity to take the lead in defining and realising their collective vision for Singapore.

"I wish I were young again so that I too can go chase my dreams with them."