Grab driver talks about 'cute girls' during ride, creeps female passenger out

Grab driver talks about 'cute girls' during ride, creeps female passenger out
A woman shared a snippet of the conversation she had with the "creepy" Grab driver on TikTok.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Sharlenelaa

While private-hire drivers can be chatty at times, this woman complained about an experience that creeped her out. 

On Sept 3, TikTok user Sharlenelaa shared a snippet of a conversation she had with a Grab driver.

In the 15-second video, the man could be heard giving her his personal take on "cute girls".

"You can be like a very cutie pie and [have a] sweet face, but [if] your body like 'wah', like you f****** mature already."


In the comments, several netizens said they were disgusted by the Grab driver's inappropriate remarks.

"That one uncle your parents asked you to stay away from", while others shared their own unpleasant encounters with private-hire drivers.

When a netizen questioned why Sharlenelaa did not express her unhappiness during the ride, she said that she did not want to offend the driver at that time.

AsiaOne has contacted Sharlenelaa and Grab for more information.

Under Grab's code of conduct for drivers, overly personal questions or comments on their passengers' appearances are strictly prohibited.

In July, a Grab driver was permanently banned from the ride-hailing service for asking a passenger inappropriate questions.

The former driver's child later lamented in a TikTok video that his father lost his job after "a simple complaint", and urged everyone to "speak up and tell the driver if the chat is getting uncomfortable".

A Grab spokesperson told AsiaOne then that driver-partners and passengers who were found to have displayed errant behaviour after investigation will be suspended or banned from the platform.

Last June, a female passenger called out a 'chikopek' private hitch driver who told her she was "really hot" and offered $3,000 to touch her chest during the ride to her destination.

"I don't want to think about what would happen if I actually got into his car," the woman wrote in an Instagram post at that time.

She was unable to make a police report because she didn't have the driver's phone number or username, she explained.

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