'He was watching Mr Bean': Woman apologises after accusing man of staring at her in gym

'He was watching Mr Bean': Woman apologises after accusing man of staring at her in gym
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

After shaming a man on social media for being a "creep", a woman has apologised for accusing him of staring at her in the gym.

On Wednesday (Jan 19), TikTok user Michxlim posted a video showing a man in a white T-shirt supposedly ogling her in the gym.

Using the hashtag "Gym creep" in the video, she wrote: "Watch how he slowly checks out the girl."

Hours later, another video shared by TikTok user Dontanyhowrecord revealed what the man was really looking at.

"The person 'staring' at you was watching Mr Bean," they wrote, showing a TV that was located right above the gym equipment that the woman had been using.

Realising her mistake, Michxlim removed her video and posted a public apology the following day.

"I remember feeling uncomfortable while doing my walking lunges as we made eye contact frequently," she said, explaining that she decided to film the man for "evidence" because she "felt unsafe at that point of time".

The woman added that approaching the man or the gym staff did not cross her mind.

"I just wanted to get my point across that everyone should feel safe in a public space that is commonly dominated by males," she said as she conceded that there was no concrete evidence to show that the man was ogling her.

"I'm fully aware of the consequences now and I should have handled the situation better."


Responding to her video, Dontanyhowrecord said that her actions had caused "an extremely negative impact" on the man.

"I hope this incident has brought more awareness to everyone on the need to be mindful and sensitive of each other in public spaces," they added.


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