'Hooligan family': Man gets hit by driver after altercation with family at Sentosa

'Hooligan family': Man gets hit by driver after altercation with family at Sentosa
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Complaint Singapore

While most families go to Sentosa and bond under the sun, this family may have bonded over a common enemy instead.

A family got into an altercation with an uncle after a car accident at Sentosa, resulting in the uncle purportedly getting physically hit by the other driver, according to a video uploaded to Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Sunday (Jan 28).

In the video, the uncle, filming the incident on his phone, can be heard incessantly accusing the family of four for swearing at him and giving him a middle finger.

"Why you show me?" The uncle could be heard repeatedly questioning. From the video, it looks like the other driver had collided into his car. 

Members of the other family were out of the vehicle, inspecting damage to the car.

As the uncle stepped into traffic on the road, a young woman from the family aggressively cautioned against it, calling him "siao (crazy)".

'Why you hammer me?'

Other members of the family also lashed out at him verbally, swearing at him.

Undeterred, the uncle continued to fling accusations at the family, angering the driver. The latter waved his middle finger at the uncle, also cussing: "F*** your mother!"

This upset the uncle more, who went up to the driver - who was getting into his vehicle to leave - and pulled at his door handle.

The driver then exited the vehicle and motioned to strike the uncle with his fist - although it is unclear if the uncle was hit, he still tumbled to the floor.

Recovering, the uncle got to his feet and screamed as he backed away from the driver, still keeping his camera pointed at the driver.

The uncle then returned to the driver's vehicle, pulling open the driver seat door.

This time, the uncle continuously questioned: "Why you hammer me?"

Although the driver tried to leave his vehicle to confront the uncle again, his family advised him against it and they attempted to drive off.

However, the uncle stood in front of their car to prevent them from driving away, and was apparently knocked over as the car nudged forward.

The video ends as the driver goes around the uncle, leaving the scene.

'Real or drama?'

In the video post's comments many netizens were shocked by how confrontational both parties were.

One described the group as a "hooligan's family", expressing worry that the boy who was left in the vehicle - the only one who didn't participate in this altercation - would "follow [his family's] footsteps".

"I am shocked that the entire family behaved this way instead of calming [the driver] down… If it is indeed proven that [the uncle] has been hit, there is absolutely no justification for such an act," another user added.

Other users, however, felt that the uncle was "very noisy", also pointing out that it isn't clear if he was injured from this incident.

"No clear indication the punch landed on the 'clown'," said one. "He is a very good actor."

Another user asked: "Real or drama? If real and the [driver] really whack, [that's it]. The cameraman super provocative."

Responding to queries by AsiaOne, the police confirmed that a report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

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