'Human but pretends to be tissue paper': Man flamed for physically chope-ing Ang Mo Kio parking lot

PHOTO: Facebook/Complaint Singapore/Sarah May

Trying to find an empty lot in a crowded car park can be extremely frustrating. 

And it gets doubly annoying when you locate one, only to find a man standing on it to 'chope' the lot. 

This is what one man did at the car park near Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre. 

On Friday (March 31), a video from a car's dash cam footage was uploaded onto Facebook group Complaint Singapore.

"Human but pretends to be tissue paper," read the video's caption, suggesting that the man was 'chope-ing' the parking lot like how one uses an item to reserve a table in a hawker centre. 

In the clip, the male passenger of another car was seen alighting from the vehicle to look for an empty parking lot. 

He eventually found one near the entrance of the hawker centre and gestured to the driver of his car to come over. 

The man then walked over to the parking lot and stood there in an attempt to reserve the lot with his body. 

In response, the driver whose dashcam had recorded the incident honked at him, and the latter turned around.

The man then gestured towards his car again and then signalled that he was reserving the parking lot. 

After which, he waved at his car again to urge it to come over. 

He didn't want to give up the lot 

Unwilling to give in, the driver edged forward towards the man. 

But the stubborn man refused to budge and even seemed to egg the driver on by pointing at his chest, as if daring the driver to knock him down. 

The driver then inched forward again, called out to the man and said in a mixture of English and Chinese: "Hello, do you want me to block the rest of the cars?"

In retaliation, the man responded in Chinese: "Eh, we waited very long for a parking lot." 

The driver then angrily told the man that if he wanted to continue to block the way, he should anticipate that other drivers may come forward to scold him. 

Eventually, the man moved slightly to the side, and the driver took this opportunity to park his vehicle nose first in the lot. 

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