'I can always do better': PAP's Ivan Lim addresses the multiple claims made against him


People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Ivan Lim has stepped up to address the claims made against his character for the first time since his name was dragged in multiple social media posts. 

Since his introduction as a PAP candidate on Wednesday (June 24), netizens have been stepping forward with accusations of the 42-year-old’s elitist and condescending attitude.

Anecdotes from an NSmen who allegedly served under him, colleagues in Keppel Offshore and Marine (where Lim is a general manager), and even a school mate at Singapore Polytechnic, have gone viral online. 

“It is important for me to do so as my family is affected, in particular my mother,” he began in his statement. 

Lim dismissed the allegation that associated him with a bribery case in Brazil, stating that he was not involved in any capacity in the Brazilian projects. 

As for the claims that he was an unreasonably harsh commanding officer during national service, he explained that “people can have different perspectives of the same incident”. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Reddit

“I set high standards for the unit as a CO [commanding officer]. I believe in working together and I did not ask the men to do something I was not prepared to do myself.” 

As for the anecdotes of his behaviour as a general manager in Keppel Offshore and Marine, he clarified that he did what he needed to do to ensure his colleagues can return home safely to their families. 

Lim also mentioned that he does not recall a specific incident in which he did not smile at a neighbour. 

When I agreed to enter politics I expected that it would be tough. This test has come sooner than I expected,” he wrote. 

“I accept that I can always do better and I am willing to learn. I will take this experience to heart and do my best to prove myself to voters and all Singaporeans.” 


The statement was issued right after PAP’s first assistant secretary-general Heng Swee Keat told the media during a doorstop interview this morning (June 27) that he would like to see Lim come out to clarify the allegations made against him. 

"It is very important for us to address this clearly because we expect our candidates to be able to stand up and address these concerns that have been raised about them,” he told reporters.