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'I don't know how to read Chinese': Rider explains delivery delays happen because some can't read stall names

'I don't know how to read Chinese': Rider explains delivery delays happen because some can't read stall names
PHOTO: TikTok/Man_pandarider

From dealing with rude customers to braving wet weather, delivery riders have to go through quite a fair bit just to make a living.

And another road hump some of them have to deal with? Language barriers. 

In a TikTok video uploaded on March 29, one Malay delivery rider, who goes by the TikTok username Man_pandarider, shared how his inability to read Chinese has resulted in him not being able to do his job efficiently. 

"The reason your food is late," he said in the captions at the start of the video.

He then showed a screengrab of an order he was supposed to deliver as well as the name of the stall La Shi Ni Mala Xiang Guo, which was spelt out in English. 

"It was written in English and I'm a Malay, I don't know how to read Chinese," he said pointedly. 

In reality, when he reached the stall, which is located in Serangoon, its signage was not in English but in Chinese characters. 

Because of this, Man_pandarider said he wasn't able to locate the correct stall. 

"I had to ask around because it was not written in English," he said. 

In another clip, the delivery rider showed himself walking up to the customer's unit to give them their food. And as he does so, a dog barks. 

"Even the dogs are angry at me. Sorry dog, I don't mean to be late, I just can't read Chinese," he said jokingly. 

AsiaOne has reached out to this delivery rider for more details. 


He isn't the only rider who feels this way — others share the same sentiments. 

In the comments thread, another rider said that he can resonate with Man_pandarider's experiences. 

To that, Man_pandarider said this was the reason why he created the video — to spread awareness and speak up on behalf of other delivery riders who face this issue. 

In fact, a Chinese netizen admitted that he too has difficulties in finding such stalls when the signage is in Chinese. 

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