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'I have long arms and big hands': Tharman jokes he can be good car polisher; Mark Lee offers him job after election

'I have long arms and big hands': Tharman jokes he can be good car polisher; Mark Lee offers him job after election
PHOTO: Screengrab/King Kong Media Production

If Tharman Shanmugaratnam loses the presidential election on Sept 1, he might just have another job lined up – courtesy of actor Mark Lee.

Speaking with the actor in a video posted by Lee's entertainment company King Kong Media Production yesterday, the two engaged in a light-hearted conversation where Tharman commented that he would have been a "very good" car polisher.

The presidential candidate was referencing Lee's character in the 1998 comedy film Money No Enough where he, together with fellow actors Jack Neo and Henry Thia, start a car polishing business together.

"I have very long arms and big hands," said Tharman, while Lee gestured that this unique physical trait would be useful for wiping cars easily.

"If I start a car polishing company, you can come and become president," said Lee, adding that it is to be "president of the company".

"Okay, so you contact me after Sept 1," said Tharman, much to Lee's surprise.


The actor managed to put two and two together, before realising that Tharman's future employment will only be made certain after Polling Day (Sept 1).

Tharman was previously Senior Minister and a Member of Parliament.

"I will contact you," Lee broke into laughter, alluding that the "job offer" will only apply if Tharman is not elected as head of state.

Tharman also shared "bad advice" when the conversation delved into his childhood ambitions of being a sportsperson.

Explaining his "strategy" in school, he said: "Throughout the year, I didn't care about my studies. Before the final exams, I would study quickly at the last minute.

"Because then I can spend my time on sports. No problem."

To that, Lee wondered why Tharman was "already" bald when he "didn't use his brain too much" in school.

Tharman shared that he had lost all of his hair by his mid-30s.

"I knew that I would eventually become bald because my father, grandfather and uncles all had the same styles," he said. "So, when I was young, I kept long hair. Enjoy while it lasts."

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