'I'm ready for a non-Chinese PM': PSP's Terence Soon answers GE2020 questions on Instagram

PHOTO: PSP, Instagram/terencesoonjw

While most candidates and political parties have taken to livestreams and pre-recorded videos to share their plans for their constituencies and Singapore, Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) Terence Soon took a different (and younger) approach — with an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Instagram on Sunday (July 5) night.

Fielding 50 odd-questions over a one-and-half-hour period, he covered a wide range of topics, including parenting advice, his Tanjong Pagar GRC’s team and whether he would still be taking to the skies as a pilot if elected.

When asked about his assessment of his chances of being elected, he said the sentiments are positive from the walkabouts that he has conducted. “But just like all previous elections, Polling Day often tells a different story. Let’s hope that it won’t be the case this year,” he wrote. 


To the question about how the Tanjong Pagar team decided who would care for each area in the constituency, Soon shared that they were assigned based on their “historic backgrounds or current links to [the different parts] of Tanjong Pagar”. “For example, my in-laws are living in Buona Vista and so I’m there often,” he shared, adding that he would be the MP in charge of the Buona Vista area if elected. 

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Still plans to fly

Soon stated that he still plans to fly as a Singapore Airlines pilot if the PSP team is elected in Tanjong Pagar GRC. He elaborated that before Covid-19, he would be in Singapore “around 50 per cent of the time within a single month”, and that he would know his schedule in advance. 

“I will work with my flight scheduler and my fellow colleagues to work out a friendly schedule so that I can balance my priorities as an MP with a day job. Such sacrifices are not uncommon among MPs, so I know I’m not alone.”

He added: “I will work with SIA to ensure that I can fulfil both roles to my utmost ability. This is my personal promise to my voters at Tanjong Pagar.”

With regard to how PSP is different from the other opposition parties, he said: “The main competition is against the incumbent, not Workers’ Party or other parties.”

Family advice

One netizen highlighted that the 29-year-old was a young dad and asked for advice about starting a young family. “Diapers are expensive and babies go through them super fast! Also reading pregnancy-related books are important,” wrote Soon.


He also shared that pregnancy and childbirth costs are about $13,000. “But realistically, save up as much goodwill with your parents! Mine have been an absolute blessing!” he wrote.

Towards the end of the session, he was posed the question, "Tharman or Heng Swee Keat for Prime Minister?", to which he gave a tongue-in-cheek answer: “I’m ready for a non-Chinese PM.”

Soon and the PSP Tanjong Pagar GRC team of Michael Chua, Abas Kasmani, Harish Pillay and Wendy Low will be facing off against the People’s Action Party team of Chan Chun Sing, Indranee Rajah, Joan Pereira, Alvin Tan and Eric Chua. 

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