'I'm reflecting every day': Raybe Oh says she paid heavy price for breaking law but doesn't regret trying to save boyfriend

'I'm reflecting every day': Raybe Oh says she paid heavy price for breaking law but doesn't regret trying to save boyfriend
PHOTO: Instagram/raybeohhhh

Her brave attempt to save her fiance from a burning car made headlines back in February, but Raybe Oh maintains that she is no heroine.

Following an Instagram Q&A session on Dec 11, the 26-year-old took to her Stories to share that while she does not regret trying to save her late fiance, she has shown a "very bad example of not abiding by the law".

"I've paid that with a heavy price. I'm reflecting on my behaviour every day before going to sleep," she wrote, adding that she hopes to be a better and more socially responsible person.

She did not elaborate on what law she had flouted.

As for her recovery process, Oh, who suffered burns on 80 per cent of her body, said that she is currently in hospital for surgery on a scar on her hand that was affecting its function.

"There will be a few more reconstructive surgeries coming up next year. It's a long, long recovery journey for me."

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She also revealed that she was warded in the hospital for four months and underwent 32 surgeries for skin grafting and wound cleaning. Not only that, she survived a "life-threatening" bout of pneumonia.

Her bills amounted to over $538,000, but she shared that she was able to claim the amount fully as she had purchased a rider for her insurance plan.

And on the bright side, Oh told The Straits Times that the accident has strengthened her relationship with her family as well as her late fiance's family.


"They are my pillar and strength to continue fighting," she told the newspaper.

"My close friends are very caring as well. They always make time to accompany me to make sure I'm okay mentally."

Oh lost her fiance, 29-year-old Jonathan Long, in a car crash in Tanjong Pagar that also killed four of his friends.

Long was behind the wheel of a BMW and was believed to be speeding before crashing into a shophouse.

Days after the accident, closed-circuit television footage shared by a security system solutions company showed Oh running towards the burning car before emerging engulfed in flames.

Oh and Long would have celebrated their third anniversary this April, according to her.


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